Welcome to IRTDA

International Recreational and Technical Diving Association

Discover a New World!

Dive into the underwater world, unknown to you and enjoy the freedom and zero gravity - like an astronaut in space – only with more life, colours and fun around you. IRTDA offers you the possibility to learn this sport in a safe and secure way.

The "International Recreational and Technical Diving Association" was founded to provide new prospects for divers in the sport of scuba diving.

As result of increasingly more requests for safer and secure diving, IRTDA constantly aims to identify new methods for instructors and course participants for basic and advanced training.

Ranging from diving beginner to instructor and from the normal recreational diver to extreme diver, IRTDA offers a wide range of basic and advanced training within one association.

All levels of education are under one strong guideline:

Maximum security and modern scuba dive education are the criteria’s of IRTDA