Advanced Diver

06_aowdYou have completed successfully your Open Water Dive Course and you had some fun with your diving.

Now you want to advance your education.

The Advanced Diver Course (or Advanced Open Water Diver Course) is an advanced course after the Open Water Course. Within the AOWD-Course you will acquire advanced techniques, which qualifies you as advanced diver.

After the successful completion of the Advanced Diver Course, it is possible to take part in diving activities, which were not allowed as OWD (e.g. Night diving, deep sea diving etc.).

Pre-Requisites for that course are:


•    Open Water Diver Course
•    7 dives logged into your log book
•    Medic First Aid or First Aid Course, not longer ago than 2 years
•    DAN or IRTDA Oxygen Provider Course, not longer ago than 2 years

Within this course techniques are trained, which will increase your diving skills and will alleviate your diving.

The theory includes:
•    Natural navigation
•    Compassnavigation
•    Diving in bad visibility – Night diving
•    Search and Rescue
•    Deep Sea diving
•    Theory and practicing knots

In the practice the following dives will be completed:
•    1 dive natual navigation
•    1 dive compass navigation
•    1 night dive
•    2 deep sea dives
•    2 search and rescue dives

After you completed this course successfully, all opportunities for a dive career are open for you.

You can take part in the rescue diver course or start the IRTDA technical diving program. This includes deep sea diving (Deep Air), Wreck diving (Wreck Diver), or cave diving (Cave Diver).