In case you chose the professional field of diving, the next logical step is the training to become a dive master.

In this course you will acquire all the fundamental knowledge, which is nearly on the same level like an instructor. As dive master in the scuba dive training, you are the important link between the instructor and the student.

Through your presence and teamwork, you will support the instructor during the training in order to ensure the maximum of security and an intensive training for the dive students.

The dive master is authorized to conduct dive excursions and also to act as dive guide independently.


The pre-requisites for this course are: guiden1

  • Rescue Diver Brevet
  • Minimum 70 logged dives
  • Good social background


The education to become a dive master is comprised of four areas:

  • Theory
  • Praxis
  • Equipment and Technique
  • Attendance of dive courses


The theoretical part includes:

  • Student control
  • Dive planning
  • Physics of diving
  • Medical knowledge related to diving
  • Equipment
  • Dive tables
  • Dive physiology
  • Management of dive activities
  • Didactic


The practical part includes:

  • Demonstration of all OWD – training exercises on the instructor level.
  • Monitoring of an Open Water Diver Course
  • Monitoring of an Advanced Open Water Diver Course
  • Monitoring of a Rescue Diver Course


After the successful completion of the dive master course, you will become a trainer for all dive courses. However, the responsibility and the lead lay still with the instructor.

With the successful completion of this course you qualified to participate in the assistant instructor or directly in the instructor course.