Course Director (CD)

The highest challenge within the IRTDA-System

course direktor

There is no higher challenge in the system of IRTDA, as the course to become a course director. With this training you become the qualification to conduct training of trainers. In case you would like to become a course director, you would have to undergo a challenging selection procedure. After the successful completion you would be allowed to participate in the course. 

Your challenge

You can register for the course directors’ course as a certified Master Instructor in order to conduct independently scuba dive instructor courses.

 The Fun Factor

You can now offer all courses of the IRTDA program – starting from DOP to the instructor course. This is the highest qualification you can reach as an instructor. With this qualification you will participate in shaping and influence the IRTDA system. Your work will influence the future of IRTDA.

Course content

This course includes everything what IRTDA represents and will be only conducted by the specially qualified staff of the IRTDA Head office.


  • Minimum two years the ROWI Instructor Brevets
  • Qualification with Master Instructor Brevet
  • Minimum age 21
  • Minimum of 100 scuba dive students certified.
  • Medical dive examination (not older than 6 months)
  • Active support of IRTDA


After successful completion of this course you are allowed to:

  • Conduct ITC courses
  • Conduct staff courses
  • Conduct all Speciality Instructor courses
  • Conduct MFA Instructor course
  • Conduct Oxygen Instructor Kurse
  • Conduct Cross Over Programme


Your new life as a course director

You are on the highest level after the successful certification in IRTDA and you can proudly hold the title course director, conduct worldwide instructor courses and participate within the success of the educating concept of IRTDA. Your active membership is a guarantee that IRTDA is a seal of quality in the sport of scuba diving.