Managing Course Director

Your highest challenge as managermanager course director

Your tasks as a course director do not challenge you anymore and you feel ready for more!

You are of the opinion that your management talent can support the scuba dive sport in your country!

Than the position of Management Course Director is the right assignment for you. The position of Management Course Director has the task to fulfil all the obligations in the name of IRTDA in his/her country – you will be IRTDA. According to the demand, there can be one or several Management Course Directors operate in one country.  

The Fun Factor

You are one of the field offices from IRTDA and work directly with the Head Office. This could range from the development of training material or the organization of fairs and promotion events.  


Your Challenge

As a Management Course Director, you are responsible for the development and branching out of IRTDA in your country.  



  • Certification as Course Director
  • Additional pre-conditions will be outlined during introduction in the Head Office. It depends on specific national legislation of each country, because each country has different legislation and pre-conditions.  

Your new life in the IRTDA Head Office Team

Within your new assignment as Course Director and Manager you can implement your dreams. The success and future of IRTDA in your country is dependent on your function.   Deine größte Herausforderung für dich als Manager