Start your education

How can I start with the diving?

You have different possibilities to start your new adventure:

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Snorkel Diver

  • Here you can be acquainted with the ABC-material, in case you had no opportunity to gain experience, or in case you are too young for technical diving.  

 Dive Orientation Programm

  • This is not a dive course in the normal sense, however, it is an excursion in the underwater world with guidance of an instructor that you really know if the dive sport is your „thing“.

Scuba Diver  /  Junior Scuba Diver

  • The scuba diver is the precursor for the real dive licence. As scuba diver you can visit the underwater world with an IRTDA dive master, assistant instructor, instructor or higher qualified diver. 

In case you know already that diving is your passion and you want to concentrate in the future on diving than you can skip, in case you fulfil the requirements, the before mentioned stages. The course you than need is the

Open Water Diver / Junior Open Water Diver 

  • With this course you will receive the licence after a successful training to visit the underwater world with another certified diver.
  • This program is also the start position to become an independent and safe diver.  


Which pre-requisites do you have to fulfil?

In many countries there are different regulations, which could differ from the basic pre-requisites of the IRTDA standards (e.g. they are more restrictive in another country). This is not very likely; however, the best way would be to inform you at the local IRTDA instructor.   

We recommend

Before you register for a course, you should have a medical check up if you are fit for diving. This examination is conducted from medical professionals with an extra education. In case you had a disease with your cardiovascular and/or respiratory system, this examination is essential in order to ensure your physical fitness in order to take part in the dive course.

What else do I need?

For our program you only need your swimming trunks / bathing suit and to be in good spirit. IRTDA instructors and dive centres are usually well equipped and have well maintained equipment. In some cases you need before your ABC-material.