Training for children

Our training programs for children are designed not to overburden them and are adjusted to the individual age of each child. Our IRTDA instructors are trained to outline the theoretical part visually so the instructions are easy to understand and your children will have fund and show enthusiasm to take part in the dive sport.

kinder programm1

You should pay attention to:
Children are according to their age different in their perception and comprehension of their surrounding environment. For that reason, all our programs are designed that each one can be trained individually and according to the needs of your child.    
For the education the following programs are available for you:

Snorkel Diver
The ideal introduction with the mask, snorkel and fins to get your children accustomed to diving and the medium water.

Junior Scuba Diver
This is the introduction program for technical scuba diving. This is the precursor program for the technical diving and the precursor for the Junior Open Water Diver. Here you experience the first breathing with a regulator from the tank as well as the first experiences in the swimming pool and open water. Further, you can acquire the dive licence under supervision of a professional dive master, assistant instructor or instructor.  
Junior Open Water Diver
Dive licence for diving under supervision of parents, family members or friends with parental permission.