Junior Open Water Diver



The Junior Open Water Diver course is the entry ticket into the underwater world for children starting from 10 years old.  

This course is the first step to become a recreational diver and qualifies you, after successful completion of the training, to dive in company of an adult Advanced Open Water Diver.


Pre-requisites for this course:

  • Minimum age for Junior OWD is 10 years – 14 years minim age for OWD
  • Under aged children need according to state law the written permission of their parents
  • We strongly advise to get a medical dive examination; even it is not required in all countries. The dive instructor has the right to request the medical examination certificate.


The course is structured in three areas:

  • Theoretical basic knowledge (Training according to children teaching methodology)
  • Training in the swimming pool / Training in restricted open shallow water
  • Certification in open water

In the theoretical lessons, you will learn everything to plan and conduct dives safely. The theoretical part includes approximately 5 modules of each 2,5 hours. 

In the 5 modules during your training in the swimming pool, you will acquire all techniques and skills in order to dive controlled and safe under water.

Afterwards there will be four dives in the open water. There you will repeat the trained techniques under real conditions in the open water. Afterwards you will plan your own dive to demonstrate your acquired techniques and skills to the instructor.

After the successful completion all options for recreational diving are open. It doesn’t matter if you decide to only dive during holidays, attend advanced courses or maybe later develop interest in a professional diving career.