Junior Scuba Diver


In our fast moving daily routine time is very precious.

In order to acquire a sound dive education you have to invest a good amount of days to complete.

In case you cannot afford the time at the moment, your school performance would suffer, or your parents would decide against or they would prefer that you would be accompanied by a dive guide rather than you would become an independent diver – than the Junior Scuba Diver Program would be the right program for you.  



This course is one level under the Junior Open Water Diver Course, or from 14 years of age the Open Water Diver Course, which includes parts of the lessons of the OWD. After completion of the course you will be qualified and acquire the licence to dive only accompanied by a professional IRTDA dive master, assistant instructor or instructor.

In this course you will learn the first three theoretical modules of the OWD course, the complete swimming pool training and the first three open water dives of the OWD course. All acquired training can be credited to a possible OWD course attended later.


Pre-requisites for this course:

  • Minim age 10 years. In case you are 14 or older you can attend the Scuba Diver Course.
  • Under aged persons according to the state law – parent’s permission required.
  • We strongly advise to get a medical dive examination; even it is not required in all countries. The dive instructor has the right to request the medical examination certificate.


The course is structured in three areas:

  • Theoretical basic knowledge  
  • Training in the swimming pool / Training in restricted open shallow water
  • Certification in open water

The theoretical part includes 3 theory modules of the OWD textbook of each 2,5 hours. In the following 5 modules swimming pool training you will acquire the skills and techniques to move around safe under water. Afterward you will conduct 3 open water dives. During these dives you will repeat the previously learned techniques under real conditions in open water.  

What can you expect from this course?

  • Diving only under supervision of a professional IRTDA dive master, assistant instructor or instructor.
  • Dives up to maximum 10 meters deep with a maximum of 40 min dive time.
  • Rent of equipment and filling of tanks if you will dive under supervision.
  • Your training can be later continued with an IRTDA Open Water Diver course
  • Participation possible on additional programs like the medic first aid, oxygen provider or equipment specialist.


After the successful completion all options for recreational diving are open. It doesn’t matter if you decide to only dive during holidays, attend advanced courses or maybe later develop interest in a professional diving career.