Technical Deep Diving

Why technical deep diving?

Many fascinating and exciting dive locations are located in deeper depths and can be reached only with specific dive training.

How deep is actually „deep“?

The limit of 15m after the training for beginners has its good reason – everything below is not any longer considered as shallow diving.

It is of utmost importance to learn to assess yourself, your skills and your dive buddy to be prepared for these depths. Problems during dives in 40 m – or deeper – can change quickly from small to serious problems, if you are not trained for it. If you prepare mentally for these situations and you modify your equipment accordingly, you will dive much more relaxed and you will have lots of fun during the dive. Technical deep diving is diving in a limit – connected with lots of equipment and technique… and this is the fascination of this kind of diving. If you want just to leave the zero hour fields to learn decompression diving or you want to reach the 100 m with mixed gas – with the IRTDA Technical Deep Diving program you are right.   


Technical Deep Diving means – long dives of one hour or more – often in really cold water. If you don’t want to freeze, we recommend the dry suit diving – specialty.