Trimix Diver

You are looking for a new challenge in scuba diving?

The king discipline in deep diving is the diving with trimix. Like the name already stipulates, it is diving with three different gases which allow you to go beyond depth of 60 m.

In the trimix course you will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to safely conduct independently trimix dives with the special equipment, as well as travel-, bottom,- and decompression gas until a depth of 90 m.   

Your challenge

You will belong to the absolute elite of the tec divers, after the successful completion of the trimix-course. It is a course which requires your full physical and psychological condition, because in such a depths you cannot make mistakes.


The fun factor

As certified trimix diver you are now able to plan, prepare and conduct all deep dives. You will reach now depths, which you could not imagine as beginner. New – now reachable dive locations – give you new tasks.   


  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Rescue Diver Brevet
  • Nitrox Diver Level 1 and 2 Brevets
  • IRTDA Advanced Tec Deep Air Diver Brevets or equivalent
  • Medical dive certification (not older than 3 months)
  • Minimum 300 logged dives.
    From them 70 logged dives Tec Deep Air in the log book.
    From them minim 10 dives in a depth of 40 – 60 m.


  • Your basic knowledge will be tested in the theoretical qualifying examination.
  • Your basic practical skills will be tested in the practical qualifying examination. 

Course duration:

The course duration is 5 days


  • Deep diving with trimix - basic
  • Physiological impact of helium gas – Advantage / disadvantage
  • Decompression and helium
  • Dive planning and gas management
  • Configuration of equipment


  • 5 dives
  • 1. dive: check dive.
    The following dives are all conducted on a depths of 60 – 90 m
  • Dive planning
  • Analysis of gas of decompression gas and trimix.
  • All dives with 2 deco gases
  • Gas change
  • Valve Shut Down, Octopus breathing and lift sack exercise
  • All dives with two stage bottles
  • The max Run-Time-Deco is 45 min


Standard equipment:

  • Doppel-Pack (Doppel-10 or more)
  • Wing with Harness and Backplate (possible with 2 air cells)
  • 2 divided coldwater regulators 
  • Long trousers (min. 2 m)
  • Fini (single – no consol)
  • Dive computer (no mixed gas computer necessary but recommended)
  • Additional time and depth measure
  • 2 x knifes
  • 2 x masks
  • 2 lamps (main and emergency)
  • Arm tablet
  • Wetnotes
  • Lift Bag ( min. 45 kg) white and red
  • Finger – Spool
  • Reel 
  • Fins
  • Adequate warm insulated suit – dry suit



  • One additional bottom-Timer
  • Dive tables and bailout tables
  • Redundant with deco gas or bailout tables, which would be used if deco gas fails and would utilize deco trimix
  • All gas must be carried by divers