Our Philosophy


IRTDA conciliated „zero hour scuba diving” together with “Technical Scuba Diving” and offers a complete education from beginners to recreational and technical scuba diving all the way to become an instructor.

With the introduction in the field of sport scuba diving (recreational scuba diving / zero hour scuba diving), the course participant has the possibility to move between various levels. In this context, we created reasonable methods to enter with zero hour scuba diving in order to reach the level of technical scuba diving.

IRTDA has been developed by professional scuba divers and instructors, whereby the highest attention was given to all safety aspects of diving. The training is based on a modular training system and the course participant will be confronted numerous times with the course content under the motto:

“Diving is fun – and learning with fun will lead to success”.

IRTDA is constantly developing new lesson plans, which gives effective guidance and quality control for the instructor and is utilized, by the course participants, to achieve successful studies. All lesson plans are substituted by course books and audiovisual training aids.

In the practical training in the water, we focus on the professional education based on medical science including the Scuba Dive Emergency education including the professional utilization of oxygen in cases of dive accidents. Compare to other scuba dive education systems is the Emergency response training limited valid and the diver must re-certify regularly in order to keep a breath to the newest level of knowledge.

Dive Masters and Assistant Instructors have the possibility with an Instructors Training Course to qualify as Recreational Open Water Instructor (ROWI). Afterwards, the Open Water Instructor has the possibility to go further in the field of technical diving with the following three areas:

  • Wrack diving
  • Deep Sea Diving
  • Cave Diving

Additionally, it is possible to achieve the qualification for Nitrox or RE-Breather Instructor. Therefore, every diver and instructor is able to choose his/her individual grade of qualification and field of interest within one Scuba Dive Organization.

IRTDA is constantly working in the field of basic and advanced training of instructors, within the international field of recreational and technical scuba diving to set highest and newest standards. International criteria for scuba dive education are fulfilled and therefore, IRTDA brevets are internationally recognized. 

IRTDA aims to support new instructors, after the successful training and exams, in the foundation of new diving schools, dive bases or diving centres. We will offer advice in the field of advertisement, leadership and logistics with one specific branch within IRTDA to provide all the necessary information.

IRTDA Dive centres and technical dive centres can be supported through professional journals and represented on national and international fairs.

In short:

In case of a secure, well-founded and forward-looking scuba diving education, IRTDA is the right choice for instructors to choose the right and successful way forward.