Our Thoughts on Safety and Security

Our Thoughts on Safety and Security korallenriff-web

Scuba Dive education can only be successful, when all aspects of safety are considered and if all modern methods of tuition are available for the course participant.


In all instructors courses the participants will be prepared to engage with interested persons in the sport of scuba diving. Furthermore, instructors train for their assignments with numerous simulation drills to engage during problematic situations with each individual student and to apply the right response in a real life scenario. 


Before you reach the level of instructor, you will have completed a long way of education and participated in numerous programs and examinations. This program was examined by the Ministry of Sport and Culture and is now accredited for the education.
The most important of the education philosophy of IRTDA is to pay attention to the identification of mistakes before they happen.


Therefore, the following pre-conditions have to be considered:
•    Physical Condition
•    Psychological Condition
•    Essential Equipment
•    Individual Local Circumstances on the dive sites

During the training all instructors will carry their medical emergency kit and the oxygen with them. Being a good example in terms of safety and security and promoting accident prevention in combination of having fun scuba diving, instructors communicate to all students the philosophy of a professional and safe education in the field. The preparation and the anticipation will retain some of the possible anxieties of students in the first place already.  

During the complete training the course participant will have various possibilities to test their theoretical and practical knowledge. This self control system creates a certain security that the course participants can fulfil the necessary requirements.

The IRTDA instructor should focus during his/her dive career on the one topic; how can he/she update his/her education to the up to date knowledge  to transfer the theory into practice in order to provide the best possible and at the same time comfortable scuba dive education to his/her students. However, to fulfil the necessary objectives are always the goal.  

You are always in good hands with your IRTDA instructor when you start with your scuba dive training.