IRTDA ist immer daran interessiert, Sicherheit zu fördern. Aus diesem Grunde gehen wir Partnerschaften mit anderen Organisationen ein, die sich für Tauchsicherheit einsetzen.

IRTDA ist Partner von:


Fido is a Federation of Independent Diving Organizations.

Goal of Fido: Foster scuba diving as sport on the basis of worldwide uniform standards in the training of skin-diving and technical scuba diving, independently of nationality, gender or religion. 


DAN Europe is a non-profit organization, which focus on the basic and advanced first aid and emergency training for scuba divers in the case of a diving accident to provide First Aid until the response by paramedics. IRTDA and DAN provide oxygen First Aid training for Instructors according to the same guidelines in common basic and advanced training.  


TAT e.V. (Tauchen als Therapie e.V.) is an organization to support people, after a critical illness, to regain life quality through scuba diving. Training for interested instructors, will receive education only according to the guidelines of IRTDA. The association aim to provide diving courses for juveniles, who were cancer patients. The financing is exclusively done by donations, an idea, which is worth wile to support.