Quality Management



Quality control is an integral important part for us

The course participant should always have the complete information during his/her complete scuba dive education what the instructor expects from him/her and if the course objectives are reached on every level, which also applies to the dive instructor

Instructors use for every course control sheets (the course participant has access to it at all times) in order to inspect and evaluate if the course participant can carry out all required drills.  

Good and comprehensible evaluations are important to
reach clear defined course goals.

This means for every course participant that he/she has the necessary feedback from the instructor in case some drills are not accomplished and mistakes have to be corrected.  

With this quality control system, the instructor has the complete overview over each course and can adapt the teaching method to each individual need/strength and weakness of the course participants.

IRTDA utilizes in their education system course control sheets, which the course participants fill in regularly in order to ensure to follow the IRTDA guidelines. Another quality control instrument is the completion of the Brevet application form and the attached checklist, which the course participants as well as the instructor sign to validate the completion of the training.

In the case of irregularities the course participant has the opportunity to outline the case to the IRTDA Head Office. The Head Office will evaluate each case and depending on the facts a quality assurance committee will decide about the consequences for the instructor and in highly negative facts the instructor could get his/her licence revoked.


IRTDA has the highest standards on all aspects of safety and security.
The quality of training and education is always the top priority of IRTDA.